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iran says everything is set for release, depending on the $500,000 beingil posted for bai. she could be released toy or morrow. also, police in southeast kentucky say a manis shot and killed his wife, stephe son and before turning the gun on himself. the shootings happened around noon yesterday in a trailer park south of lexington, kentucky. it's what police described as a domestic dispute. thank you for being here with us on "cnn sunday morning" and we are handing it over to candy crowley right now. and the reports conclusions, the threat is more complex and more diversetth terrists groupsop operational value in conducting your frequent and less sophisticated attacks. al qaeda or an affiliate will
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succeed at getting some kind of attack through in the next few years. >> there will alws be the potential for a group if they are willing to die to kill other people. >> nine years after 9/11, the threat has changed, but it remains. today, an anxious anniversary, with homeland security seety, janet napolitano, and former homeland security, michael chertoff and then fred to townsand. and then former house republican leader dick armey and trent lott. i am candy crowley, and this is state of the union. this 9/11 was remarkable for it's divisiveness, and protests
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from the cultural islamic center from blocks away, and protests in pakistan and afghanistan. >>re seeing today riots in afghanistan,ots in that threaten our young men and women in uniform. and although this may be one individual in florida, part of my concern is to make sure that we don't start having a whole bunch of folks all across the can country think this is the way to get attention. >> joining me is homeland security secretary, janet napolitano, and michael chertoff, and the national security contributo
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there are approanching riots in pakistan and afghanistan and i don't get tht. >> i think what we have to understand, we all recognize this minister is a small church and in part it's a creation of the media, but it goes across the media and across the globe as an excel rant, and they don't prapeciate we are a country with freedom of speech and this is one small minister and it gets interpreted aboard. >> had they been better off to opcontextize this for people? >> well, the media jumps on top of the story, and it gets on the internet, and that's hard to calibrate the context on the internet. the political leaders have to make a judgment whether they can continue to ignore it and hope
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it goesr away or ether they have toddress it. >> when the story was breaking i s in kabul, and i will tell you, it doesn't -- they don't understand, this is representative of 50 people in gainesville, florida. we lived through abu ghraib, right? it's a isolated criminal act, huh r horrific. and so you understand our leaders feel an obligation to try and do whateverhey can to protect our people when our nation is serving overseas. >> what is the answer? there is freedom of speech t running up against what the administration was making a al thre, not to just u.s. service people which is bad enough, but to americans in general. there are countries have laws against what they term hate speeches, so do we begin to curb
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p freedom of speech? >> i don't think we can do that. we have to fight bad speech with yo speech. you have more tolerant points of view you have to get out and talk eabout. the media needs to cover that in context, and not to give a disproportionate amount of time to people that say extreme balancand ieagnor pe tpl cretsey, of the activity -- i don't know the real wo for it. did you see an up particular in worrisome in coming politics? >> we are always dealing with all types of threats, and some are inteational, and some of them result from u.s. persons. it's a very dynamic threat environment. one of the things we have been focused on is really getting preparation for and the ability
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to respond for threats of any kind outside of washington, d.c., and spread across the homeland into state and local hands empowering them more information sharing and more resources to them, because we are never going to be totally immune from threats. ted on the clip that you just showed, look, at some point somebody may get rough even all of the protective layers that we have created. >> let me mo to a more general look at national security at this point in homeland security in particular. we had a research corporation poll asking people, are we safer from terrorism now than we were before 9/11? interesting to me that about 36% said, okay, we're safer. about 37%, we're about as safe, and 27%, less safe. pretty even. less safe, more safe. is this a sign of the times,
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really? is t his just accepting what you all see as reality? there is a danger period and we need to livewith it? >> there are threats now, and as i said before, we live in a global ever changing threat environment. the key thing is to do everything that we can to minimize those threats, to be able to anticipate and intervene early, but also to empower communities and individuals on how to respo nd if something were to happen. >> candy, i think part of the problem is the threat is changing. the enemy adap a as we adapt and that's an on going process. what people are seeing now, it's yemen, and somalia and north africa, and that's alarming tow people, because what they are seeing it's becoming more diffuse, and that's an issue we will have to deal with over the next few years. >> what you are seeing in the poll data, while i think there is no question over t past
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nine years, the american government has made it safer, and we have not been attacked. but they are seeing aattempatte and they see a determined enemy. >> we are talking about homegrown. there was a sense, at least before the attacks in britain with the british nationals, and this is where the land of the three, and our citizens wouldn't turn on us, and some of the scariest attempts have been the enemy within. >> w have to put it in perspective, though. although there has been an up particular in the number of what we call homegrown cases, and the muslim population is very small, but we antry a large country ana very small number of people, a small percentage could be a significant number of people.
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so some of the sense was it was european problem, homegrown terrorism, and now we have to deal with it in our own communies. >> that's right. united states, we are not immune, and we do see u.s. persons who have been radicalized to violence, and maybe in the name of islam, and theyah travel to thera fatah an they train, and they learn the craft and come back. and that's something that is relatively new in the no threat stream that we have been dealing with. it's not unique nor was it unanticipated that that could occur. >> and let me claim some success for the secretary and the former secretary. the answer is we reduced al qaeda from a 9/11 type massive spectacur attack, to the idiot with the bomb in his underwear or the guy that screws up in
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times square. we will take a quick break, but we will be right bac and a little on the search for bin laden. stay with us. [ robin ] my name is robin.
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homeland back with security secreta janet napolitano, and former homeland security, michael churt off, and fran townsend. over someplace in some foreign land, people are plotting against use now it could be this individual that feels some sort of affiliatn withl qaeda or has a personal gripe. how is that fight different than a fight against an organization like al qaeda, and what was the u.s. governmt done to shift that arena?
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>> it means that first of all it's more disburse. and secondly, you have opportunities to intercept and hear about and to learn about ahead of time. when you have individuals or small groups, that is much more difficult. and thirdly, our ability to collect intelligence is much more limited when.s persons are involved than say l internationally. there are all kinds of different things that go into play. what michael said is right. we're not talking about huge numbers all across the country, but what we are talking about is an ever evolving threat that has not kept united states immune, and there are u.s. persons involved and that means in the department of homeland security, itself has had to evolve. many askladen, and when you look homegrown threat and you look at
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somewhere like locky. is it al locky who has times to the ft. hood shooter, and who has ties -- or at least was inspiring to the christmas day bomber -- sorry, to thees square bomber, and also had ties with the christmas day hicker. >> there is no fact thatic symbolically bin laden is in a class by himself. over the years we have eliminated or incapacitated the operational leaders. taking out that leadership is the strategy. they are the people that have e ability to put together the schemes and train and launch the attacks. so while we would all like to get bin laden, the fact is getting these operational leaders is a critical part of success. >>nd a he is on the internet.
9:16 am
he is e-mailing people back and four forth. why is this so difficult? he is on a list where we want to he is, seem m and to me, hiding in plain sight? >> yeah, that has been true for years. he is smart. remeer, when we have been able to take effect in operational actions. when you say he is hiding in plain sight in the middle of the cityak mes it operationally more difficult. and bin laden, it's more than symbol to me. he is used fornd recruitment an training and fund-raising and quite frankly the american people have a right to ret retrobugs. there were 3,000 americans killed. and i think both willn remain the of the target list.
9:17 am
>> >> locky seems more threatening. >> he is certainly a active recruiter, and his use of the internet and use of language d his ability to reach out to westerners and attract them into the movement, yes, he is very dangerous. >> i want to talk about friends, and my favorite discussion we had once. and that's the advisory systems k the orange and yellow levels have remained for years. have they not lost their effectiveness? you called for a study and will anything change? >>t might. an was on the study committee, so thank you for that, fran, because what we realize is the colors themselves were not exchanging or giving people information. as i said earlier, one of our chief goals is to make one of the tizens of the unit
9:18 am
states knows what is going on and knows what to do if something were to change. >> to me it's a sign that says flood area, right, it's just there all the time. >> don't drive through that, and that the point. yes, we have forwarded recommendations based on what thsubcommittee gave to us into what is called the process, and -- >> that make a long time? >> it's i important and it will affect a lot of different things. >> we have been in orange, and chael will remember, this was a pet peeve of mine. you should not put the system up a level like up to orange until you are going to say what it's going to take to take it back down, and i was glad to cochair that study. >> let me go back to how it got started. operationally, for example, when
9:19 am
you go to orange at the airport, you do different things at the back part of the airport. it's important to preserve that, cause it as anim operational impact. and then when it was first initiated, it was not made public. people complained the government was keeping it se ocret. so in the interest of transparency, it bueecame publi. the question now is whether we are going to calibrate so we don't have so many levels. one of these -- i think secretary napolitano has done it and i did it, we tried to explai wnhen we made a move, here is why we made it without moving it up and down without an opaque set of explanations. >>et's recognize, and as michael said, at airports it means something different than, say, at shopping malls or in homes. so there are different levels in a way or different things happening based on the actl
9:20 am
threat. so it is complicated, but the basic point is to get infoation to people so that it's operational so they know what to do. and whether it's colors or colors associated with other things, whetheyou tweak the system or totally amend the system, that's all -- that's what is under consideration. >> i have 30 seconds left with you a, and so i want to ask, are we safer and do u expect at some point we will get unlucky? >> i believe we are safer. i believe, however, that there is no 100% guarantee. >> we have reduced the risks. we have not eliminated the risk. >> safer,but in all likelihood we will get attacked, despite our best efforts, they are determined to get through. >> thank you all so much for joining us. up next, we will return to
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> the economy is struggling. many voters are skeptical of health care reform and worried about federal responding, a recipe for a disaster in mid terms. what is a president to do? >> the policies we have put in place have moved us in the right diporection, and the policies tt the republicans are offering right now ar policies that got us into the mess. >> a new poll finds 60% of registered voters disapprove of the way the congressional democrats are handling their jobs. still, h steny hoyeras his game face on. our candidates are energized and not hanging their tails between their legs and are confident.
9:24 am
59% of the americans also disagree with the way the congressional republicans are doing their jobs. a conversation with congressman hoyer when we come back. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time...
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joining me now is th thedemocratic majority leader in the house of representatives, steny hoyer. >> always good to be here, thak you. >> i want to start off with what will occupy your fall, and that's the bush tax cuts set to expire in january. and the administration has bee we want toeep them for the middleland any household making $250,000 or above, we
9:27 am
will repeal them. what you have is the argument, bad time, not enough jobs out there and youannot create jobs by essentially raising taxes, even if you want to call these rich people. i want to introduce into the argument, smething peter orszag wrote, and he is talking about the idea of this huge deficit versus the huge jobs deficit. in the face of the duelling deficits, thbe approach is a compromise, extend the tax cuts for two years and then end them altogether. and by extending the tax cuts, he talks abo the rich. how about that? >> whaizt need to realize what was going to happen was put in place by the republicans in 2001 and 2003, to meet their budgets. and the president said we are not going to allow families to have a tax increase, period.
9:28 am
families is the $250,000 and under people, which is under 98% of the people. >> what about a compromise here? >> compromises are tougho get, candy? >> are you open to it? >> yeah, we will talk about compromise, but we don't believe that a tax cut on the richt americans are going to have any affect on the economy? we gave 98% of the americans tax cuts in the recovery act. >> a lot of people make the argument it will not create jobs, so why not get behind a payroll holiday? >> we did on the fica tax, it is in place and gave small businesses a tax holiday, as you point out. not only did we give that, but we gave $1,000 b usif those people are on the payroll a year
9:29 am
from now. we have done things of that nature, and we have done a job buof things to ser creation and growth, but we have had trouble getting them through the senate. one of the bills we want to get done in the coming four weeks is to provide forollars small businesses to get loans to expand their businesses. we passed that twice, and in s still sitting in the senate we hope they will pass it. >> when it comes to these tax cuts for the wealthy, do -- you ara smart guy. it seems to me one of two things will happen. eith you take it off the table, because your own democrats are out there going we don't want to do this, you have morehan a handful of democrats saying this is not a good idea. you need to take it off the table and deal with it after the election or come to a compromise, what will happen >> we will see whathe senate can do. we have over 400 bills pending
9:30 am
in the senate that passed. 70% of them with 50 republicans. they are just sitting in the senate. one of the things we are going to do, and i talked to senator reid about this, we are going to see what the senate will do. >> so the art of the doable, and you know it might come >> our policy is we will not allow the republican policy of increasing taxes by having these taxesexire, which was republican policy, and we are not going to allow that to happen for the middle income working americans. >> you spent your break in 11 ates, and 20 candidates. we are now looking at fairly well-respected political pund punditpundits sayinga you might lose seats. >> i think they are wrong. number one, we will hold the house. >> but you are going to loose ses? >> we willly lose seats, probab. i am not going to speculate on a number, candy. we will hold the house.
9:31 am
as you said, i have been 20 candidates, and 11 states over the last 2 1/2 weeks, and our candidates are feeling good. what is going to happen is people will compare not t the perfect, but theal alternatives. joe biden likesto say they are not going to compare us with the almighty, but compare us with the alternative, a alternative that wants to go back to the same bush policies. according to mr. sessions, their campaign chairman, which led to the worse job performance administration since hoover, and then the stock market tanks. >> can you stave off disaster for democrat when you have -- >>utely. >> -- when you have democrats that don't want to talk about health reform, and theyal don't want to talk about the stimulus program and how much it will cost. is it enough to say, yeah, but
9:32 am
the republicans got us into this. it's not much a bumper sticker. >> well, the american public is smart, andd they voted for a president and they become enthusic when they saw how well the program worked when proposed. and then a new administration said the policies were going to work and in fact it failed and gave the worse economy in 75 years. the republicans say they want to return to that. appears quote. >> but, you can say we are on a path and moving forward and it's going to get better, but it's a weak hand toem gro into novembe with? >> things have gotn better. we had four quarters of economic growth. the stock market, dow, s&p, up now over 60%. things are getting better.
9:33 am
2 or 3 million jobs have been created under the recovery act. we want to get the 8 million jobs back so we can get people ntback to work. weill continue to focus on policies which is what the president said in cleveland when he gave his speech investing infrastructure and creating jo. we have an agenda, not just for thye, but e of this for the coming years, and that's theic make it in america agenda. one of the things they believe is we need to make things in america, we need to manufacture things in america so people have the available of good paying jobs with good benefits. our make it in america agenda will be a hallmark ase move forward, and frankly when you look at the clinton administration's creation of 21 million new jobs in ivate sector as opposed to george bu's million, you see there
9:34 am
is a real contrast. >> quickly, on a matter of strategy. we know ther has bench made of the fact tha eventually money does run out and you have to save who you can and toss others when will you begin to toss some of the weaker democrats overboard in terms of money? >> we don't have any weak democratic candidates. clearly we will look at that. and if there are candidates that they can't make it, clearly we will have to make tough judgments. will due respect to my friend who is a reporter, and betsy was one of those mentioned in the article, and she is tied to the polls, and so these candidates are in very good shape, and they are going to win. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, candy. >> we appreciate your time.
9:35 am
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founded over 25 years ago. it recently providedea structur to the t partymovement. and the chairman is hse republan leader, dick armey. now a voice of the outside. >> when we help you win back the majority that you love so much, we will be aware of your pension for drinking backsliders warrant. >> some of the biggest publican new comers in the mid-term elections are running with the tea party's blessing. rand paul in kentucky, and angle is nevada, and buck in colorado, and joe miller in alaska. former senate majority leader, trent lott, doesn't expect the predicted tea party sweep into congress, but lott advises his former colleagues, as soon as they get here, we need to co-opt
9:39 am
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joining me now here in washington, former republican congressional leaders, dick armey and trent lott. thank you both. looking hail and hearty, as formers, i believe. let me get into the co-opt line. you have backed and continue to back a number of tea party candidates who have upset what we call establishment resepublin candidates, which is generally the people we expect to win and then get tossed out. you talked about if they come in, we, meaning thens republica, need to co-opt them. >> when they get here, th want
9:42 am
to do something about too much spending and taxation, and they need to get something done, and the leaders need to work wh in somebody. they will bring in new ideas and pressure in washington, and i think it's good. the leadership has to learn quickly to work wi th them and turn it into positive energy. i believe they will. i think that john boehner, as the next speaker, will do that d mitch mcconnell and jon kyl will do it in the senate. >> when you hear the word we need to co-opt them when they come in, what does that say to you? what do you see the role of these so-called teaca party candidates inside the republican party, assuming they will caucus with republicans? >> my own view was that was a bad choice of words. you are talking about a group of people that are invedependent-minded people and have no appreciation for thee a
9:43 am
performance ofither party in the past several years. they want run for office in order to change that. for the most part, they understood that our path to a position in washington is through the republican partyur giving our small government values, but we are here to reform and restore that party to dedicate a service to that position. i think it will be similar to the class of 1992, and the class of 1992, the republican congressional class of 1992 was the cultural changing class that resulted in the majority of '94g they are just going to happen an come and get their jmajority the time they get the culture. >> so who changes who? the sena works the way the senate works and the house works the way the house works. >> well, i don't accept that. i don't think you have tocc a et
9:44 am
the culture the way it is. the culture is a problem. >> the. system the way it is. >> i think you get caught up in personalities when what you are talking about is issued and policy. when dick armey and i were the p speakers, we had president clinton. during that time, he takes credit for a lot of it, but during that time we cut spending and controlled spending and then cut it, and cut taxes and had balanced budgets, and we got a lot of things done. we did not always do it just by doing it the way it was always done. we broke the mold several times. they led the way in the house, quite frankly. >> you know how the senate works and how the house works. in the end, do you thk it's possible -- i was trying to game out the possibilities here. do you think it's possible that tea party candidates, or tea party blessed candidates that come into the republican caucus can move the caucus more towards
9:45 am
the middle because they have to reach out to democrats to get something done? in other words, you have got the more conservative tea party candidates, and the more liberal candidates, and is this possibly going t mild up the middle? >> these candidates are t middle of american politics. your own poll revealed the american people are by and large disinchanted with political parties. they want fiscal responsibility and fiscal restraint and good governments and creative new ideas. this is a group of young memrs of congress from both sides of the aisle, primarily from the republican side of the aisle that will provide that change. but i must say, trent, you recall in your own personal experience the establishment was so lackadaisical and unwilliean to be creative you left the houseen for the senate and chand '92 that came of in following you because they got together before they got to
9:46 am
nsolidation of who are we and what are ours purposes and how are we going to stick together in order to make this establishment once again be discipned and indeed disciplined in following the procedures parliamentary procedures of their own body. one of the most heartbreaking things aut congress aswe knowit it today is it's holy undisciplined by the processes by which you make good legislation. >> i want to move to a different question. has the tea party activists over took things to win. harry reid is in a dead heat with sharon angle. and then michael bennett, he is
9:47 am
now leading ken buck, a tea party candidate, who was an established republican by three points. and then in kentucky, very republican land, as both of you know, rand paul, a tea party pl blessed candidate is in a dead heat with jack conway. has the tea party candidates made some of the states more vulnerable than an established candidate may have? >> i want to comment on the kind of people i think we will have coming into the senate. rubio in florida, i was impressed with him fronnm the beginning, and was supportive of his candidacy. this guy was speaker of the florida state house. he is going to come in and be a factor on issues, but helso knows how to get things done. that's critical. in those races you are talking about, i am surprised that poll yojust mentioned in kentucky, because the numbers i have been seeing apare very much in favorf rand paul. he, you know, he came in there
9:48 am
and ran a good campaign- >> these are september polls showing him tied. >> he beat -- well, i guess he beat theappointed one. >>ertainly kentucky you would expect w would -- you would expt the polls to be big, and you put people in here that have been nominated in the primary process who looked like they made the ses doable for democrats. >> harry reid spent a ton of money, and we knew he would do that. but when it comes down to election day, it's energy and feet on the ground and who is moving people. right now the democrat party rank infile across the country
9:49 am
is confused and demoralized. the great source of energy on politics is the grassroots activistve for small government, and they will turn out the vote for the small government conservative. i believe that i can say that in the final analysis as we saw in new jersey, where our current governor was not ever ahead in the polls, on electionhe day wh it comes to who gets the vote to the polls, the small government conservatives will win that contest. >> i do think a story that needs to be emphasized, too, states like wisconsin, washington, california, that people thought the republicans won't have a chance there, our candidates are running neckan neck in all three races. >> real quick yes or no answer. can the marria of establishment republicans and tea party insurgents survive? >> yes, it can. look what we did in '93 and '94.
9:50 am
it will survive but this time with a duration that it did not have before. >> it ca n, because th's where we came from. when i was elected it was unheard of, i was a revolutionary, and same thing with dick armey when a chance to win. he won and became majority leader. it wilwork. >> y say revolution -- >> absolutely. i was majority leader and never establishment. >> thank you very much. former congressman dick armey, former senator trent lott. thank you very much. up nt, a check of top storiesnd president obama's pointman on the economy shares his funny side. uh, doc? i just got your e-mail. i'm out for the season? don't worry about that. i switched to sprint's $69.99 plan, so i get unlimited e-mails. what -- what does that mean? it means i'm dropping you from my fantasy team, that's for sure. what does that mean about my knee?
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[ technician ]re you busy? management just sent over these new technical manuals. they need you to translate them into portuguese.
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by tomorrow. [ male announcer ] ducati knows it's better for xerox to manage their global publications. so they can focus on building amazing bikes. with xerox, you're ready for real business. unlike fish oil, megared softgels are small and easy to swallow with no fishy smell or aftertaste. try megared today. ch time for a eck of today' top stories.rc afghanistan and coalition forces killed a taliban commander overnight. he was among ve insurgents targeted in the eastern part of afghanistan. according to nato intelligence reports, the tal p commander was planning to conduct rocket attacks against voting centers during parliamtary elections set for next week. sarah shourd, one of the three american hikers detained
9:54 am
in iran since last july, is scheduled to be released, but the iranian prosecutors are demanding $500,000 bail. shourd's lawyer sahe could be released as early as today or tomorrow. a new report finds that the u.s. poverty rate has risen boy a record amount under the obama administration. the recession left 45 million people, about 15% of the u.s. population, in poverty last year. the trend is an estimatef 2009's census data set to be released. all of this according to the associated press. six people are nowin report missing after a massive gas line fire that decimated part of a california neighborhood. four people were killed in the san bruno explosion which occurred thursday. the blast destroyed > 37 homes. and there is more help on the way for the 33 miners trapped in chile. the men have received a power line that will allowl tem to install electrical li ights in their shelter. and the miners' long-standing
9:55 am
tquest for cigarettes has been granted. they'll be getting two packs u day. uld take until november to free the men. those are your top stories here onon "state of the union." next, when is it okay forte the top white house economist to invoke the name of karl marx? . adding listerine® antiseptic cleans deeper. [ boom! ] to penetrate and kill more germs. [ exhale ] [ male announcer ] listerine®. clean deeper. get healthier™.
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the president has picked a new chairman for hisncil of economic advisers,is long-time friend and adviser austin ghouls bee. >> he's one of the finest in the country -- >> he graduated cuma sumlaude, blah, whether, oowhether, here' th good part. >> give it up for austin goulsby, come on down. >> reigning champion of d.c.'s "funniest celebrity contest." yes, before we i go further, we us e the word loosely in washingt. >>hether we came in office, it was not that t fun of a time toe
9:59 am
here in the economy. but it was okay because asok we took office, you know, it was an all-star team of economists, and we basically knew what to do. panic. we were coming in as let's react the right way when things happen -- [ scream ] >> let's just sort it out an start from the fundamentals. how do we throw money at this problem? and the thing is mostf the lessons aren't recent. i me, it's been a long, long time since things were this bad. we had to look at the o textbooks, karl marx -- >> funny. but got points on originality. check out "saturday night live" alum kevin nealon, mr. subliminal. >> i don't care what ou say about people in queens -- they're

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